Pracaxi oil – The defender of damaged hair

Pracaxi oil is a unique oil you rarely hear about. Meanwhile, it holds great conditioning properties for hair and sensitive scalp. The oil has antiseptic and antibacterial impact on skin, calms irritations and all skin infections. For this reason, people with excessively sensitive skin, prone to irritations can easily use pracaxi oil for hair oil treatment. This oil will not only work on beautification of the strands, but will also protect and regenerate skin requiring greater care.

This “caring oil” is also very helpful with elimination of all sorts of scars and skin discolourations. Therefore, it can be used not only for scalp oiling, but also to apply on body parts that require greater attention (pracaxi oil will deal with damaged by the temperature hands, rough elbows, post-op scars and acne scaring)

What is more, pracaxi oil consists of six times more of behenic acid than peanut oil. For this reason, it can perfectly protect hair fibre against damages and provides hair with stunning gloss. Hair gain elasticity, are soft, easier to comb and style. Pracaxi oil can also be a rescue to overly dry hair and scalp. It happens due to presence of lignoceric acid.

This oil can be great addition to all sorts of hair conditioners, body balms and facial creams. It can also be used individually: by rubbing it in wet skin after a bath or just in areas on skin that need regeneration. Pracaxi oil can be great complementation of body and hair care in the winter. It will prevent irritations caused by low temperatures. If used on hair, it will protect hair and ensure them with beautiful gloss without weighting them down.

It can be applied on wet hair and scalp, always keep it on for at least an hour, or use it as a leave-in conditioner after hair wash. Pracaxi oil is also suitable for application on dry hair – then just few drops used on hair ends are enough. Such serum for damaged hair ends will prevent split ends.