Erva Mate – strengthen your hair with pracaxi oil conditioner.

When buying beutifying or body care products, we often do not pay attention to what they comprise. Usually we are driven by commercials seen in the media or the recommendation given by our friend, sister, cousin… Meanwhile, our hair will not remain indifferent to inappropriate care. Too big amount of silicones, alcohols, substances interfering with natural processes taking place on the scalp, such as SLS and SLES simply weaken strands and cause more harm than good. This is why, the primary issue, when it comes to selecting hair care products, is the presence of natural ingredients. 

Plant extracts, herbs and natural oils can work wonders, better than shampoos and conditioners containing parabens, synthetic dyes and preservatives. First and foremost, they deeply nourish wisps and provide strengthening effects. 

A good conditioner based on natural extracts and oils is able to strengthen hair already weakened by chemical substances that appear in many drugstore products. If your hair is also damaged, lacks vitality, tend to frizz and your scalp is irritated, or your wisps start greying or falling out – allow natural substances to take care of them. 

Conditioner strengthening weak hair Erva Mate from Cativa is a product worth recommending. Its effect are mainly based on the regenerating properties of pracaxi oil. It is an oil that is perfect for hair care – even very dry hair that lacks moisture. Pracaxi oil leaves hair glossy and soft. It makes it strong and smooth. Additionally, the product will nurture your scalp – soothe irritations and not allow any allergic reactions. 

What is more, the effects of pracaxi oil are intensified by yerba mate extract – which is responsible for strengthening hair bulbs and moisturising entire hair, thanks to which it gains smoothness, resilience and shine. 

Erva Mate conditioner also contains coconut oil. Its main task is to protect hair from harmful sun radiation, strong wind, severe cold and all other kinds of mechanical damages. 

Furthermore, conditioner from Cativa with pracaxi oil has the capacity of 240 ml and comes in a bottle equipped with a dispenser. All you need to do is to leave it in damp, freshly washed hair for several minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.