Pracaxi and other surprising hair oils. Reach out for the best products!

Unusual and Exotic Pracaxi Hair Oil

The exotic pracaxi oil comes from the tropical forests in South America. It is extracted from the 14-metre tall plant of evergreen leaves. Pracaxi oil is adored and desired by all hairdressers and hair maniacs. Shampoos and conditioners enriched with pracaxi oil are more valuable and provide better benefits. Pracaxi oil can brag about a large quantity of behenic acid (rare in other hair oils). That is why the oil excellently moisturises and locks water inside the hair. What is more, pracaxi oil has outstanding repairing and smoothing properties. It also stops dandruff and helps to fight off all scalp problems. Delivering an intense shine is another advantage of pracaxi oil.

So, if your hair is dull, over-processed and ‘tired’, this oil will restore its shine and vitality as well as add amazing shine.

Pracaxi oil has a strong repairing power and belongs to the group of unique oils. The plant that pracaxi oil is extracted from bears very few fruits (200 flowers get only one fruit). Therefore, cosmetics with pracaxi oil are luxurious.

Naturally, it is not the only exotic oil used in hair products. The list also comprises: monoi, marula, maracuja, tsubaki, moringa and rocucou. Due to moisturising, regenerating (from within) and protecting properties, you should search for these oils in hair cosmetics. Focus on products you can apply or rub into the scalp to make sure the substances nourish hair bulbs.

If you look for products where pracaxi or other exotic oils rule, the following review is going to be of great help. You will surely find an interesting high-quality product.

Nanoil hair oil - the power of natural oils

Nanoil Hair Oil

It is a multitasking, versatile and amazing oil that beautifies and repairs your hair. Apart from offering lots of natural oils (from the popular ones to the unique and exotic oils like maracuja, monoi, marula), the cosmetic boosts hair growth, stimulates hair bulbs and increases volume (small, thin hairs start growing and gain body). Nanoil Hair Oil has three versions – each one is designed for a different hair type thus different structure known as porosity. The product matches hair, meaning that each oil and component has been chosen for a reason. The ingredients come in appropriate quantities; the composition is not accidental. As a result, Nanoil Hair Oil is extremely effective. Moreover, Nanoil is formulated without parabens, silicones and comedogenic substances that could have a destructive influence on your scalp. The cosmetic is suitable for hair oil treatment (dry or wet) and scalp oiling so it has a direct impact on hair bulbs – the place needing most power to make hair grow healthy and beautiful.


Davines Oi Oil

Davines Oi Oil is mainly created for hairstyling, adding shine, taming unruly strands and protecting your hair while using heat-styling tools. Davines Oi Oil contains many synthetic silicones responsible for improving the appearance of your hairdo. The product also includes a conditioning and protecting roucou oil – extracted from Bixa Orellana. The plant is also known as a product for slowing down ageing and enhancing the work of cells and collagen synthesis. Roucou oil creates an occlusive layer on the surface of hair, keeping water inside. As a result, your hair is resilient and bouncy. On the other hand, synthetic oils ensure gloss and improve the looks of your hairdo.


Skin Blossom Conditioner with Pracaxi Oil

Skin Blossom is a cosmetic range offering Soil Association Certificate. It means that its products fulfil norms for organic cosmetics. Skin Blossom Conditioner with Pracaxi Oil is placed on the list of vegan products and makes a great complement to hair oils. It works wonders in hair care: mix the conditioner with a few drops of a natural oil and apply to hair. Thanks to the natural composition, Skin Blossom Conditioner with Pracaxi Oil does not disturb the oils and allows them to freely penetrate the hair. Pracaxi oil delivers intensive moisture and repair. Your hair gets elastic, soft and shiny.kerastase-elixir-ultime-oleo-complexe

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe is composed of 4 natural oils: sunflower oil, argan oil, camellia oil and pracaxi oil. Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe protects during blow-dry routine, eases styling and tames unruly strands. It has antioxidant properties (slows down hair ageing). Regular use of Kerastase Elixir Ultime delivers nutrients and brings back the shine. The cosmetic leaves your hair silky smooth. Sadly, you cannot apply it to the scalp yet feel free to use it as serum for hair ends or a leave-in conditioner (applied to dry or damp hair). Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe is a good choice for those who have fine and unruly hair that resists hairstyling and tangles while combing.