Hair conditioner with pracaxi oil: I+M Intensiv Haarkur

Even though this Amazonian oil works perfectly on hair, still not many producers decide to use it in their hair products. It might by cause by its poor availability. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to encounter products with the content of this oil, do not ignore them. A good idea is to use intensive hair treatment from I+M.

Hair conditioner of the brand I + M is a German product. It is a restorative treatment for all hair types. Its main task is to regenerate and nourish strands thanks to the high content of Pracaxi tree seeds oil, Sacha Inchi and argan. The main ingredient responsible for the regeneration is, of course, argan oil, which works best on even the most damaged strands. Oil pracaxi works more as substances responsible for providing shine, cell renewal and moisturising. In this product, each component is responsible for something else.

I+M Intensiv Haarkur – composition. 

Intensive hair care with pracaxi oil is a conditioner that includes more ingredients. We will find in it the following ones:

  • Oil sacha inchi a very high content of omega-3,
  • Shea butter which acts as a natural UV filter,
  • Pracaxi oil of proven moisturising and rejuvenating properties,
  • Hemp oil which contains up to 81% essential fatty acids and many vitamins,
  • Argan oil known as regenerating, Moroccan gold,
  • Irish moss with great medicinal properties,
  • Lactic acid which moisturises hair very well.

Unfortunately, apart form valuable pracaxi oil and many other components that have positive influence on strands,  I+M Intensiv Haarkur hair conditioner also comprise alcohols. It would not be a problem is those were only the good alcohols that provide moisturising properties. However, we also get a bad alcohol that has harmful and over-drying effects.

How to use it?

If this intensive treatment was based only on pracaxi oil, there would be no problem. Nevertheless, the conditioner also contains many other ingredients. Therefore, you must follow the producer’s directions. Massage into hair after shampooing. Leave it in for about 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.