Brazilian method for beautiful hair: pracaxi oil

You need to look for the secret of Brazilian beauty in the regions of Amazon. Rain forests in the Amazon hide lots of plants with precious properties, that can be used in conditioning. One of such plants is Pentaclethra macroloba from which is extracted... pracaxi oil!Sekretu brazylijskiego piękna trzeba szukać w rejonach Amazonii. Lasy deszczowe Puszczy Amazońskiej skrywają w sobie wiele roślin o cennych właściwościach, które można wykorzystać także w pielęgnacji. Jedną z takich roślin jest amazońskie drzewo szparagowe (Pentaclethra macroloba), z którego nasion wytłacza się… olej pracaxi!

What don't you know about pracaxi oil? Natural pracaxi oil is known in America for ages. Native inhabitants of this lands valued its strong regenerating and healing properties. Pracaxi oil can speed up healing wounds. Today, this action is also used, but most attention concerning pracaxi oil focuses around its conditioning properties. Contrary to appearances there are plenty.

How does pracaxi oil work?

- moisturising, antiseptic, soothing, rejuvenating, gloss providing

Natural pracaxi oil can be used both on skin and hair. In both cases its action is deeply moisturising and stimulates cell renewal. This is a great product if you care about elimination of discolourations and hyperpigmentation (e.g. after acne). It prevents discolourations on skin and minimises the risk of infection. Also on the scalp.

Pracaxi oil on hair has mostly conditioning properties. Beside regulating hydration in cells, it also provides gloss. Regular use cosmetics with pracaxi oil will make hair gain healthy gloss. An important information for hair lovers is that this is a great oil for low porosity hair.

Why does pracaxi oil match low porosity hair?

Characteristic quality of this oil is related mostly to the content of fatty acids in the product. Not everyone knows that pracaxi oil has one of the highest contents of behenic acid among natural products. This saturated acid is present in about 20%. A bit more, because 25% is of other saturated acid - palmitic acid. Indeed, this acids are loved by low porosity hair, so these are the one that should match pracaxi oil.

Pracaxi oil can be used also on medium porosity hair, because it contains similar amount of monounsaturated oleic acid.